Our Mission

The Mission of DeNeuville Learning Center is to empower women to improve their lives through education and community.

DLC provides educational programs and support services to adult female students with limited resources. We offer classes in High School Equivalency; English as a Second Language; Citizenship Test Preparation; Computer Basics; and Sewing. We also offer employment and career counseling, tutoring, and monthly enrichment workshops. We serve more than 300 women each year and provide childcare for over 75 children.

Our holistic, individualized approach focuses on helping students gain self confidence, motivation, personal strength and peer support in a comfortable, safe environment. DeNeuville Learning Center graduates are able to better obtain employment, continue seeking advanced education, help their children with homework and contribute to the overall economic development of our community.

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The program encourages women to participate in a learning environment that allows them to work at their own pace, address obstacles to learning, identify their full potential and celebrate their accomplishments.

DeNeuville is blessed to have trained teachers and volunteers to work with women to achieve their life and educational goals.