Our Mission

The Mission of DeNeuville Learning Center is to empower women to improve their lives through education and community.

DeNeuville prides itself on meeting the needs of women wherever they are in their life and educational journey. DLC accepts students who are starting at even the most basic levels, taking a holistic approach to learning that includes one on one tutoring and attention to educational, spiritual, and mental and physical health. Last year, we served over 330 women and their families, and our student body represented more than 30 countries. Thanks to the Assisi Foundation and generous sponsors, as well as dedicated staff and volunteers, DLC has provided quality education and support services to women and children of the Midsouth for 16 years.

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The services offered at DeNeuville are part of a comprehensive, holistic approach that focuses on educational, social, emotional, spiritual and economical needs of the women we serve. The program encourages women to participate in a learning environment that allows them to work at their own pace, address obstacles to learning, identify their full potential and celebrate their accomplishments.

DeNeuville is blessed to have trained teachers and volunteers to work with women to achieve their life and educational goals.